Warehouse Robot Battery

Warehouse Robot Battery

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Established in the year 2006, we are engaged in the business of manufacturing and supplying Warehouse Robot Battery that provides the power source to modern robots. They need a battery that is safe, lightweight and gives a longer working life. This battery is generally of two types; silver cadmium and lead acid batteries. It can be rechargeable or non-rechargeable. The Warehouse Robot Battery has a wide operating temperature range, high efficiency& reliability. The power to weight ratio is relatively large compared to other batteries.



  • Operating temperature is 0 to 45�C

  • Nominal voltage is 25.9 V

  • Cell capacity is 5000 mAh




Technical Specifications:


Auto Warehouse Battery

Cell Voltage

3.7 V

Cell Capacity

5000 mAh

Typical Pack Capacity

60,000 mAh ± 5%

Nominal Voltage

25.9 V

Charge Voltage

29.4 V

End of Discharge (Voltage)

21 V

Charge Current

12 A

Discharge Current

15 A

Discharge Current (Max)

58 A

Operating Temperature

0 ~ 45 °C

Storage Temperature

-20 ~ 40 °C

Storage Humidity

RH 45 ~ 85%

Power Consumption

≤740 µA

Initial Internal Resistance

≤40 mΩ

Cycle Life

42,000 mAh (after 1000 cycles)


347 mm x 310.2 mm x 119.5 mm


22 kg