Lithium ion Battery

Lithium ion Battery

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Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

Model: DR202

Our DR202 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery meet the requirements of a wide range of devices. It features a power reservoir that make it long lasting. This high current battery deliver high performance in different temperature. It's advance technologies have made the batteries thinner & lighter for use in devices such as mobile phones and notebook computers. DR202 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery is also suitable for electric vehicles (EV), electricity storage systems, backup base stations for mobile phones and various other industrial uses.


  • Type:Lithium Battery
  • Battery:Lithium-ion
  • Cell:Cylinder 18650

Key Features

  • Industrial device Lithium-ion polymer Battery
  • Rated Voltage: 11.1V
  • Rated Capacity: 7.8mAh
  • Carge Current: 5A
  • Discharge Current: 5A